Francis Ngannou’s revelation of unwellness before encounter with Joshua sparks controversy

By Charity Nginyu Former UFC World Heavyweight Champion and mixed martial artist, Francis Ngannou, has ignited a contentious debate after opening up about his health struggles before his fight with Anthony Joshua. The Cameroonian Champion encountered the British boxer in a Ten-round boxing match in which he was beaten in round Two, on March 9th, 2024, in Saudi Arabia. 'It's true that everything didn't go as planned. The battle itself didn't go as planned since already, it was a very weird day… The whole day I wasn't there. I arrived at about 11 pm and I had to start the fight at about 3 am. I can recall, while exercising, I was sweating and feeling sleepy,' Ngannou disclosed in a recent outing. The controversy surrounding Ngannou's revelation stems from conflicting interpretations. Some speculate that Ngannou's subpar performance may have been attributed to external factors, suggesting the possibility of drugging. However, others argue that Ngannou should accept his defeat gracefully and refrain from pub lic commentary, dismissing his outing as unnecessary. Ngannou, who began his journey into boxing in October 2023, has so far faced two of the top three heavyweights in the world, including a match against Tyson Fury on Oct 29th, 2023. The debate has had opinions divided on whether Ngannou's disclosure sheds light on potential foul play or simply serves as an excuse for his loss. Source: Cameroon News Agency