Fight against terrorism requires unity, says NDC Commandant

The Commandant, National Defence College (NDC), Rear Adm. Olumuyiwa Olotu, says terrorism is a global challenge that requires holistic and oneness of purpose. Olotu said this at the International Cultural Fiesta of the College's Course 32, on Saturday in Abuja. NDC currently plays hosts to foreign participants, comprising senior military officers from 19 countries, undergoing their higher defence management and strategic studies in the college's course 32. Olotu said the participants had demonstrated high level unity in their activities which presupposed that they were ready to face challenges holistically, with oneness of spirit and purpose. 'Here you cannot see any difference among the people and that is the same way that we should approach the fight against global terrorism. 'This is because terrorism does not affect just one person or one people or one nation, it affects the entire globe. 'Whatever is happening anywhere directly affects us here. Whatever is happening in Russia affects us here. Whate ver is happening in Syria, generally affects us here. 'Likewise, all the challenges that we have in Nigeria also affect, not just our immediate neighbours, but also our other strategic partners within and outside the continents. 'For this reason, we are sending a strong message today that united we must stand and face our common challenges,' he said. The commandant urged the participants to use the occasion not just to wine and dine, but to build upon the bonds that they must have established across borders. He said the event was a routine part of the NDC's academic programme which culminates in the country briefs by the international participants, where the history and culture of their peoples were highlighted. According to him, the briefs by the international participants also highlight government policies on the economy, security and development in their respective countries. 'More so, the participants display the culture, artefacts, maps and culinary specialities of their countries during this event . 'This tradition is to foster and deepen the existing cordial relationship between Nigeria and all the countries here represented by our dear international participants. 'This is in addition to the need to strengthen the bond, friendship and comradeship amongst participants,' he added. Source: News Agency of Nigeria