DIA trains defence advisers/attachés on financial management system

The Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) on Monday, began a week-long training on financial management for Deputy Defence Advisers/Finance Attachés in a bid to enhance operations and prudent management of resources.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the theme of the conference is “Contemporary Issues in Public Sector Accounting in Nigeria”.

The Chief of Defence Intelligence (CDI), Maj.-Gen. Samuel Adebayo, said the conference was organised to brainstorm on extant financial regulations.

Adebayo said it would also expose the officers to the Federal Government public defence policies that were essential for the efficient running of accounting processes without infringing on the defence security system.

He said the training was in line with defense intelligence agency’s training directives for 2023, saying the conference was designed to keep the attachés abreast of contemporary issues regarding financial management in Nigeria.

According to him, the training aspect of the conference is geared towards sharpening their professional skills and expertise in the rendition of accounts and financial administration without compromising security.

“It is pertinent to state that this conference is geared towards promoting the defense attachés system, which is a veritable tool for DIA activities in support of ongoing engagements of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

“It is based on the foregoing that the agency maintains 25 defense sections in 24 countries with concurrent accreditation to many others to represent the Nigerian Armed Forces in the conduct of military diplomacy, monitor and identify issues of military intelligence and security interests relevant to Nigeria.

“I am aware of the challenges being faced by some of your missions due to stringent or unfavorable laws wherein you have to travel across borders to operate your accounts.

“In other instances, banking services are often denied due to poor understanding of the working of our missions.

“Let me use this opportunity to assure you that these challenges are being considered at all levels and all efforts are ongoing to collaborate with the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Finance as well as the Central Bank of Nigeria to find sustainable solutions to these problems,” he said.

Adebayo urged the resource persons to provide insights on probable solutions to those challenges for the agency to achieve the set target of eliciting optimal performance from the attachés.

He said the conference was an opportunity for the participants to develop themselves by way of improving their performance, pledging to ensure defence advisers would henceforth be given specific trainings on how to manage finances before posting.

This, according to him, is to put them up to speed on the current financial management systems in the country and to enable them remember the set rules that manages the finances of Nigeria.

Earlier, the Director of Finance and Accounts, DIA, Commodore Samuel Ngatuwa, said the occasion provided an opportunity for the agency’s finance officers deployed abroad to come home and refresh on the DIA’s mandate for which purpose the missions were established.

Ngatuwa said the conference would also provide avenue for the officers to be abreast of current practices in public finance in Nigeria in addition to interacting with the Directorate of Finance for better appreciation of modalities of funding their various missions.

According to him, it is believed that this will enhance their understanding of the realities of our operating environment in Nigeria.

“The field of public sector finance plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency, accountability and effective financial management in government organisations.

“Based on the critical roles you play as finance attachés, it is pertinent that you stay at the fore front in this vital area.

“It is noteworthy that the conference includes a training session aimed at enhancing the performance of the finance attaches in the discharge of their responsibilities and to ensure they continue to conform with guidelines enshrined by the Federal Government of Nigeria in carrying out their duties.

“During the training segment, a review of observations recorded during the last accounts inspection of the defence missions conducted by the directorate of finance would also be reviewed,” he said.

Ngatuwa said the conference would also provide a platform for brainstorming, exchanging knowledge, sharing experiences and fostering collaboration among esteemed professionals.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria