Construction of Koysha Hydro Electric Power Station Reaches 61 Percent

Construction of the Koysha Hydro Electric Power Station, which is under construction on the Omo River in the South Western Ethiopia Region, has reached 61 percent completion.

A group of journalists from local media organizations visited the ongoing construction activities of the project.

Deputy head of the project Engineer Abayneh Getaneh said the dam, which is under construction on the Omo River, will have an installed capacity of 1,800 Megawatts.

He explained that the project will be equipped with 6 turbines, each generating 300 megawatts, and construction of the turbine house and ventilation is underway.

the Deputy head noted that the civil work of the project, which started in 2016, is now 52 percent complete, the dam reinforcement has reached 30 percent, the ventilation 13 percent, and the electromechanical work is under study.

Overall the project completion has reached 61 percent, Engineer Abayneh confirmed.

He added that the project has created jobs for five thousand people and is making a great contribution to the transfer of knowledge and technology.

When the Koysha Hydroelectric Project is completed, an artificial lake of 130 kilometers long and 200 square kilometers in area will be created, it was noted.

Koysha Hydroelectric Project Manager, Engineer Eugenio ZOPPIS said the project is contributing in terms of knowledge and technology transfer in addition to job opportunities.

The State Minister of Government Communication Services, Selamawit Kassa, on her part said Koisha is one of the mega projects that have been around for a long time and have great significance.

However, she added that currently the construction of the hydropower project is well underway due to the special attention given to it by the government as part of the on going reform measures.

Selamawit further stated that the project includes national parks which are endowed with potential natural resources vital for tourist destinations. According to her, the artificial lake impounded behind the dam will increase the flow of tourists.

On the other hand, the project will connect the local community with the infrastructure networks and make the local products, including vegetables and fruits, accessible to the market, she said.

According to the State Minister, the government of Ethiopia has given a great deal of attention to Koysha Hydroelectric Project. She also affirmed that works are well underway to complete the project within short period of time.

Ethiopia has some of the richest fresh water resources in Africa by volume, distributed across eight major basins with an exploitable hydropower potential of 45,000 MW.

To help address the energy deficit, the government has developed large hydropower projects along the country’s major river basins.

This includes the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which once completed will be the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa and the recently-completed 1,870 MW Gibe III project.

Experts say that Ethiopia has the capacity and capabilities to become a great energy exporter within the region, which could benefit also the neighboring countries.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

AfDB, Ministry of Industry Hold Discussion to Strengthen Support to Manufacturing Sector

Advisors to Board of Directors of African Development Bank (AfDB) met with the officials and advisors of the Ministry of Industry to review the progress the manufacturing industry has made and the support being provided by the bank.

The two sides also discussed on how the AfDB would continue providing support to the sector and the efforts being made by the government to intensify the manufacturing sector, according to the Ministry of Industry.

Members of the AfDB delegation have been provided briefings by officials of the ministry on development facilities of various Industrial Development Parks in the country, on commitment of the federal government to further boosting the manufacturing sector as well as on results and challenges.

The delegation of AfDB also visited Yirgalem Integrated Agro-Industrial Park and Hawassa Industrial Park.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Moyale Field Cross-border Coordination Office in Ethiopia-Kenya Border Areas to be Inagurated

The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) announced that it will inaugurate the IGAD Moyale Field Cross-border Coordination Office in Moyale-Moyale (Ethiopia-Kenya) cross border areas on Friday.

This IGAD office in Moyale will be mandated to facilitate cross border cooperation actors, local government institutions and communities in their respective clusters to foster cooperation around a common programming agenda, especially delivering social services to host communities, refugees, and migrants.

The event will also include the launch of the implementation of IGAD Regional Migration Fund (RMF) Infrastructures activities and share the accomplishments of the IGAD intervention on cash and livelihoods under SIMPI project and launch of the cross-border community-based migration network among others.

The participants at the launching event will be drawn from both Ethiopia and Kenya various government structures at various levels and local communities from Moyale area, according to information obtained from IGAD.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

IGAD Adopts Youth Policy to Strengthen Participation of Youth in All Regional Matters

The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) has adopted Youth Policy with a view to promoting the rights of the youth and strengthens their engagement in all matters of the region.

IGAD held a landmark ministerial meeting towards the adoption of the IGAD Youth Policy in Kenya, Nairobi, on Wednesday.

It was indicated during the occasion that the IGAD Youth Policy is a crucial framework for promoting youth rights in the IGAD Region as it is designed to guide and mainstream youth priorities in policies, laws, and programmes aimed at empowering youth and ensuring their meaningful participation in political processes.

The policy is also believed to play crucial role for the development of a comprehensive roadmap and action plan to empower the youth in the region.

The policy has been developed through extensive consultations with Technical Experts responsible for Youth Affairs from member states, National Youth Councils, Youth-Led Organisations, and the IGAD Secretariat.

The ministers up on the conclusion of their meeting have issued a statement on the declaration of the adoption and implementation of IGAD Youth Policy Framework.

The ministers agreed to establish IGAD technical experts and ministerial committees on Youth Affairs as a platform to oversee, follow up, and periodically take stock of the progress of the implementation of the IGAD Youth Policy Framework.

They also called upon development partners, including the International Financial Institutions, to provide support to the IGAD Secretariat and its member states for operationalisation of the IGAD Youth Policy Framework.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Prime Minister Abiy Attends Lunch Program on Occasion of Meskel, Mawlid Holidays

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed attended a lunch program hosted for employees working on various projects that the Office of the Prime Minister (PMO) is undertaking or overseeing.

The program was held today on the occasion of the Meskel and Mawlid holidays.

During the occasion, the premier has also extended best wishes to the employees on the two holidays.

Recalled that earlier today, Prime Minister Abiy has attended the 20th Addis Ababa City Administration’s launch of the Tesfa Berhan Feeding Center and shared a holiday meal with beneficiaries of the center.

More than 35, 000 citizens have been receiving daily meal at the feeding centers built thus far by the city administration in various locations in the capital

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Tourists Astounded by Ethiopia’s Meskel Celebration Call Others to See it For Themselves

Some tourists who attended the celebration of Demera, the eve of Meskel, a UNESCO-inscribed Ethiopian Orthodox Church's biggest open-air religious festival, were astounded by its authentic religious and cultural dimensions calling others to see it for themselves.

The celebration of Demera, marking the finding of the True Cross upon which Jesus was crucified, was held across Ethiopia decorated with Orthodox religious and cultural festivities.

Predominantly, the event was colorfully marked at Mekel Square at the heart of the capital on Wednesday evening with huge gathering of followers of the church, Sunday school students, and members of the clergy dressed in robes and traditional clothes and several tourists.

The ceremony has attracted tens of thousands, including tourists from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Some of the foreign tourists from different countries have told ENA that they were impressed by the open-air festival and its authentic religious and cultural dimensions.

They called other foreign tourists, including from African countries and other in different continents to experience Ethiopia's magnificent tourist attractions such as this Meskel ceremony.

Accordingly, Kinja Mulegwa from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) said visiting Ethiopia’s authentic Meskel celebration is important for Africans to find indigenous spirituality because colonialism has affected religion and culture in Africa.

In DRC, for instance, colonialism has affected traditional religion and culture, she pointed out.

“We are still fighting to find our spirituality. And for us it is important to come and see this celebration of today.”

Congolese culture and religion is influenced by outsiders essentially beginning from the era of colonization, she indicated.

Similarly, American Reverend Grant Bushee, from New San Francisco, stated that he came to Ethiopia for the first time to learn about the Ethiopian religion and its similarity and difference to his own Anglican.

“The way you celebrate your faith is very impressive. This is a unique experience for me that I think very few of my country’s citizens ever get the chance to see. So I feel very blessed to be here today,” he said.

Prior to the Demera celebration, Bushee was fascinated by the traditions and unique customs of various tribes in northern Ethiopia and he will visit the northern part of the country.

Noting that he has visited many African countries, Bushee said: “Everything is totally different...much different from other countries. I have been to Africa. This is a very rich experience for me. I wish more Americans could come here and see this."

He further added: “This country is so ancient and there is so much to learn about your culture and history. Even the early humans were here.”

England-born Lauriel Reid, who is an English Language Teacher living in Ethiopia, said many tourists are not experiencing such an amazing ceremony in Ethiopia urging others to visit the country.

“This is an experience of a lifetime, this is one of these experiences that you should have in your calendar at least once in your life…You have to experience it for yourself to know how you feel about it. That is my message. Experience Ethiopia for yourself.”

Chinese Liu Qin who attended the Demera celebration for her first time in Ethiopia was particularly astounded by the huge gathering, traditional attires, and songs.

Noting that the organized ceremony is successful and very amazing, she regretted for not wearing the Ethiopian traditional attires.

"It is very nice and this is my first time to come here and celebrate the biggest church and religion ceremony in Ethiopia. This is very successful and very amazing and a lot of people wore traditional cloth and I liked the Ethiopian culture." She called more Chinese tourists to visit Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is number one in Africa with its UNESCO World Heritage preserving treasures reflecting its rich history, inspiring generations.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

PM Abiy Attended Launch of 20th Feeding Center Built by Addis Ababa City Administration

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has attended the 20th Addis Ababa City Administration’s launch of the Tesfa Berhan Feeding Center and shared a holiday meal with beneficiaries of the center.

The city administration is undertaking projects with a view to serve free daily meal to help the needy and economically poor people by building feeding centers across the capital.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has today inaugurated the 20th Feeding Center built in Gulele Sub-City as part of the project that was officially launched in 2021.

The premier launched the center along with Mayor of the City Administration, Adanech Abiebie and other government officials.

Several segments of the society including elders and religious fathers have also attended the event.

During the occasion, the premier shared a holiday meal with beneficiaries of the center.

It is indicated that more than 35, 000 citizens have been receiving daily meal at the feeding centers built thus far by the city administration in various locations in Addis Ababa.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Orthodox Christians Across Ethiopia Celebrate Meskel

Ethiopian Orthodox Christians across the nation are celebrating today Meskel which marks the founding of the True Cross.

Meskel festival is a religious event marked annually by Orthodox Christians to commemorate the founding of the true cross up on which Jesus Christ was crucified.

According to scholars of the religion, the true cross was discovered by Empress Helena, mother of Constantine, the first Christian Emperor of Rome.

It is believed that in 4th century BC Empress Helena ordered the people of Jerusalem to collect wood after she received a vision in a dream telling her where to find the cross. And the smoke from a huge bonfire directed the site where the cross was placed.

The bonfire celebration was conducted on the eve of Meskel to commemorate the smoke that led Empress Helena to the site of the True Cross.

Meskel celebration is considered the most important religious holiday in Ethiopia, largely because it’s believed that a piece of the cross Empress Helena found was brought to Ethiopia, and is housed in the mountains of Amba Geshen.

The faithful across Ethiopia are today celebrating Meskel with various religious and cultural festivities across the country.

The annual religious bonfire, Demera, was colorfully celebrated on Wednesday, on the Eve of Meskel in Addis Ababa in the presence of President Sahle-Work Zewde, Ethiopian Orthodox Church archbishops and other dignitaries.

Demera is a colorful occasion that attracts a huge gathering of followers of the church, Sunday school students, and members of the clergy dressed in robes and traditional clothes and several tourists.

The festival is one of UNESCO’s intangible heritages that become a world treasure with many cultural and spiritual values.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency