Cameroon youths unite for peace, denounce hate speech

Youths from Cameroon's West Region took a stand for peace on Thursday, June 12th, 2024. Thousands marched through the streets of Bafoussam, led by the Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC) president Fadimatou Iyawa. The peace walk served a dual purpose: condemning hate speech and encouraging youth voter registration. It aligns with a national campaign launched by the CNYC to establish regional dialogue platforms across Cameroon. 'This walk fights against hate speech, xenophobia, and youth manipulation,' Iyawa declared. 'We fully support the consolidation of peace in Cameroon.' These dialogue platforms will allow young Cameroonians to discuss pressing issues, including unemployment and entrepreneurship. The campaign's theme is 'The Contribution of Youths to the Consolidation of Peace.' The next stop for the campaign will be Bamenda, the capital of the North West Region. This initiative exemplifies the growing youth movement in Cameroon striving for a more peaceful and unified nation. Source: Cameroon N ews Agency