Ambazonia forces take over border control post in Lus

Videos emerged from the Separatists showing heavily armed fighters burning an armored car and a compound where border control forces from Cameroon were lodged.

“This is Lus, the border with Nigeria, Aa we are shooting, the people in Nigeria are hearing the shots,” a fighter said in one of the videos.

They also revealed, “This is Major General Capo”, who appeared to be the leader of the group.

The fighters alleged that the mixed team at the border were extorting money from Anglophone Cameroonians traveling to neighboring Nigeria.

“We have been here for three days, shooting non-stop,” one person shouted in the background.

Another added, “We did not even know that their spies were carting away with their weapons, but we are happy, We just wanted to take over this control post, not the weapons,”

But they later showed weapons and military kits seized from the gendarmes. The ADF and the Bui Unity Warriors are said to have carried out the attack on September 6, 2023.

Lus village is located between Kom Mfumte in the North West region, and Nigeria

Source: Cameroon News Agency