Accessing the political situation of SDF, daunting task for newbies

The situation of the Social Democratic Front Party, SDF, 5 years down, can be assessed as a political mishap for the one-time main opposition party that once gained grounds across the country.

Looking back from the February 24, 2018, presidential elections, the SDF came 4th with 3.35% after PCRN with 6.28% and the MRC topped the opposition with 14, 23% votes.

Fall from grace to Grass?

The SDF political grip has continued to decline as they left from having 14 Senators in the 2013 senatorial elections to just seven Senators in the 2018 senatorial elections.

The March 12, 2023 senatorial was also an ignominy to the party as just 1 Senator was appointed from the SDF.

The CPDM grabbed all 70 seats during the elections while 15 others were appointed increasing their number to 94 with just 6 left for the opposition.

Consequently, following the February 9, 2020, municipal elections, the SDF currently controls only 1 municipal council, the Bamenda III council in the North West region out of the 360 local councils in the country.

The SDF holds 5 seats in the 180-member chamber of the National Assembly with UNDP coming second after the CPDM with 7 seats.

These challenges have also been aggravated by internal squabbles plaguing the party.

The National Union for Democracy and Progress, UNDP currently is the leading opposition after the CPDM with 7 Members of Parliament at the National Assembly.

As SDF candidates begin the race to succeed the late president, Ni John Fru Ndi, many look up to the next national Chairman to revive the one-time main opposition.

Source: Cameroon News Agency