About Us

The Liberia Wire, is not only the news website that publishes news, in fact, it is the integral part of people’s lives in order to know about the ever-changing developments from all the sectors. The Liberia Wire is considered as the renowned and trustworthy media outlet not only in Africa, but also in the rest of the world, and that is because the website is much determined not to cross the determined limits guided by the norms of journalism. The Liberia Wire has diversified readers and that indicates that it caters to the interest and needs of all sorts of readers, which has made it famous among all the age groups. As adapting to latest technologies, is the unavoidable thing for all the media outlets, so the Liberia Wire also values it and that is why it has had the most advanced archiving system for its readers for never missing out any backdated news.

You deserve to know only the true story

Yes, being a reader, you deserve to know only the true picture or insight of any news and that is what the Liberia Wire crusades for in the media, because it does not compromise on the basic teachings of journalism that must be followed by all the media outlets. The Liberia Wire does not believe in overwhelming the media fully with commercialism as basic norms of journalism ask media outlets to focus on serving the masses by publishing all sorts of news that take place around them, rather than finding ways to get much financial benefits. As media outlets strive for getting maximum financial benefits by any means, so that get them away from following the teachings of journalism, which eventually becomes a reason for them to spice up the news in order to attract readers and the Liberia Wire clearly rejects it, because it believes that when news comes to you, it should be free of any extra content that can exploit it, which eventually will affect the credibility of the Liberia Wire.

Capture the unexplored markets for your business

In this current era, the responsibilities of media outlets have increased and now they are not confined only to let people get aware of happenings around them, in fact, they also have to contribute in boosting up the business activities all across the world and for that there is not any better platform than media outlets so far. It is the responsibility of the Liberia Wire to stand beside small businesses in order to get them international recognition and explore the international markets and for that it has a highly effective Press Releasing Service through which getting the business to the next high level has become much easier for startup businesses.

It also encourages you to give your valued feedback

Although encouraging the masses to give their own feedback is the normal practice in the news industry, but the Liberia Wire has gone a step ahead from other media outlets in this regard, as with encouraging its readers to give feedback regarding the website and news that gets published on the site, it also asks them to contribute in making this website more user-friendly. This gives its readers a sense of being an integral part of Liberia Wire, and that strong relation with readers, makes Liberia Wire to serve people in a more professional way by publishing news of their own concerns. In order to get valued feedback from people, its social media team has ensured the strong presence on all the platforms of social media. The readers of Liberia Wire also avail services like daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds for coming across all the happenings that can influence them.